Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Top highlights in Amsterdam!

Our trip in lists:

Day one
1) The fact it took us 35 minutes in the plane
2) Amsterdam sign!
3) Ice bakery for a nutella and banana waffle - a good start to the trip
4) Sex museum - an awkward laugh
5) Hash, marijuana and hemp museum - interesting weed
6) The Ice bar - a shitter version of the London one
7) Baba's shwarma

Our hotel
Day two
1) Heineken museum - and a free boat ride
2) Canal bike - where we managed to scrap along side The Flying Dutchman with all the passengers laughing at us.
3) Bulldog cafe - a Dutch breakfast of: croissant, toast, ham, cheese, egg, butter, jam and nutella. We also had a herbal mix to smoke ;)
4) Amsterdam hat - we both got bobble hats with Amsterdam stitched onto the side, no regrets
5) MacDonald's pistachio milkshake - yum

Heineken... cheers

Day three
1) Anne Frank's house - we tried to find it the day before and found it just when it was closing. Turns out we were staying on the same road...
2) Museum of Prostitution - very interesting stuff
3) Argentinian steakhouse
4) Falafel shop - a takeaway dinner in the rain

Day four
1) Katten Kabinet - he made friends with a cat, purrr
2) Bagel and hot chocomel - my new favourite drink!
3) Vondel park and pancakes

Generally I had a fantastic time with the boyfriend and I would definitely visit again!

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