Wednesday, 8 July 2015

REVIEW: Princess Diaries Royal Wedding By Meg Cabot *NO SPOILERS*

So I was a bit dubious about picking this book up. An adult novel about Princess Diaries felt like it would ruin my childhood memories. However, I started reading and not only was it an easy read, it was very nostalgic. The only reason I wouldn't let a young teenager read this novel is because of some swearing and adult themes which I felt matched nicely with the age of the protagonist, 26. I liked that Cabot had the same diary layout for the final novel. Also, I liked that she used texting as a form of literature which added lots of humour and quickened the pace of the novel. There was some unexpected plot twists and one expected one... a proposal (hence the name 'Royal Wedding'). The unexpected ones I felt added even more drama and in the end happiness for the characters which was really uplifting to read.

I was sad to read the end of this series but the outcome for our Princess was the most heart warming and feel good ending. Overall I would definitely recommend any lover of Princess Diaries to read this novel or even if you just fancy a girlie novel to read. I read this on holiday and felt it was perfect for that environment :).

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