Monday, 13 July 2015

#CramAThon Wrap up

Hello little book worms,

I hope you are all doing well.
I have half an hour to go until the cramathon stops in England. I thought I would do a wrap up now as I don't think many more books will be read!

Here are the crams...
- We won't see Auschwitz
Based on the author's trip to Poland to find out more about his Grandmother's heritage. Interesting but at I felt that some parts were unnecessary and confusing. Great art work.

- Very Good Lives
J.K. Rowling's very inspirational speech written down with nice illustrations too. An uplifting read.

- Anthem for Doomed Youth
Poems from Wilfred Owen; nostalgic of A Level English.

- Peter Rabbit library
Loved these books and managed to sail through all twelve (they are very small). The illustrations are brilliant too. The protagonist are very "British".

- Rat Queens volume two
Even better than the first volume and the plot is getting saucy...

- The Wicked the the Divine volume two
A bit confused from this as the ending left a massive cliff hanger! Waiting for the next instalment.

- The Time Machine
I've read most of this. I am over half way and I will try to finish it before the end.

I have completed ALL of the challenges (just need to finish the novella... The Time Machine)!!!

Let me know what you read  :)

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