Wednesday, 15 July 2015

My Hong Kong Adventure week two

Hong Kong Adventures continued...

Day Eight
Today we went to Ocean Park, a theme park and zoo situated half on the peak of a mountain. We started at the bottom, called 'The waterfront', where most of the animals are kept. We saw pandas and red pandas (my favourite), then saw the fishes. We went on the sea life carousel too.

After this we got the cable car to 'The Summit' to see the sharks and dolphins. Did a log flume called 'Raging River' that had a rather large drop... The 'The Rapids' was the other water ride where we sat in a large rubber ring with seating whilst being sprayed with water, very refreshing! We walked to the Arctic Zone for the 'South Pole Spectacular' (penguins) and the 'North Pole Spectacular' (walrus and sea lions). The final ride we went on was 'Arctic Blast', a very high speed roller-coaster and went around twice :S.

We saw a ocean show with amazing dolphins and two walruses. I wanted to get the train down the mountain instead of the cable car so we did that, the train was made to look very futuristic. Then to finish the trip we visited to bakery and souvenir shop.

Day Nine
One of our friends was going home this day so we decided to do something not too far from the apartment. We got a tram to the top of the Peak (further up the Peak than we were staying) and got a cheeky Starbucks, then did some souvenir shopping.

We had an earlier dinner of pizza and then got the taxi to take our friend to the train station to go to the airport. The remaining two of us went to Happy Valley horse racing course. Shared a jug of beer and watched the racing and then the Brazilian dancers.

Day Ten 
Had a lay in and then went to Joy Ocean to try foot reflexology which was a strange experience as the masseuse was hitting my calf muscle during the massage. We did a spot of shopping and then had Vietnamese for dinner, Pho Tia (beef soup), soo good! After we went to TST to see the light show where some of the buildings on the main land light up in time to the music.

Day Eleven
This was the day I was excited about! Going to Disneyland! We got the Disney train which was pimped out with mickey mouse handlebars and all.

We started in 'Adventure land', based around the story of Tarzan, there was a boat ride and a walk around Tarzan's tree house. Later we went back to this land to see 'The Festival of the Lion King' which is much like the West End Show I believe.

We moved to 'Grizzly Gulch' for the 'Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine', a roller-coaster that also went backwards. We came back to go on this ride again later too, one of my favourites!

Next land after this one was 'Mystic Manor', a ride that was electric seating that moved around the house showing artefacts coming to life. We also came back to this ride.

After was 'Toy Story land' for a ride called 'Slinky Dog Spin'. Then I went to 'Andy's Toy box' to get a souvenir.

For lunch we walked to 'Tomorrowland' and we went to 'Star liner Diner'.

Back-tracked to 'Fantasyland' for: 'It's a Small World', 'Mad Hatter Teacups', 'Cinderella Carousel', 'The mainly Adventures of Winnie the Pooh' and finally 'Mickey's PhilharMagic' (a 3D movie).

Then, we went back to 'Tomorrowland' to go on the rides there. I was forced onto 'Space Mountain' which actually wasn't too bad in the darkness. After that my throat was aching from screaming too much! We did 'Autopia' but this was a very boring driving track.

Finished the night watching a parade and eating a Mickey Mouse waffle.. yum!

Day Twelve
This day was spent walking through Causeway Bay looking for a particular present that my brother wanted, they didn't have the present in the end. We got to have some ice cream in a Haagen-Dazs shop though so all was okay.

Day Thirteen
Went back to Stanley for a lazy beach day and got another two bags in the market. We had drinks at Vern's Beach Bar, an american style bar.

Day Fourteen
Home day :'(
Luckily my case didn't weight too much! Had to leave the apartment around 6am to get the Airport Express to the Airport. Then 13 hours later I was back home!

Hope you enjoyed reading about my trip!

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