Sunday, 8 March 2015

Geek Girl signing

We came across a book signing for Holly Smale's Geek Girl at the Birmingham Watersones. I joined the queue as I have wanted to read this book and I thought a signed copy would be even better to own. In the queue there were several book bloggers that I had the pleasure to meet, we chatted for the hour duration that it took to reach the front of the queue. Meeting Holly was great, she comes across as such a lovely and genuine person. We each got given the geek style red glasses for being the last in the queue but I already have my prescription 'geek' glasses so I'm using mine as an ornament.  

I read the book later on that week and I couldn't put the book down. The plot was captivating, I wanted to know what happened to Harriet. I could really empathise with the protagonist as I acted very similarly to her when I was younger (and probably still now!) I would definitely read more of Holly's books and I've got the World Book Day book of hers to read next. 

From a real life Geek Girl

First Weekly Wrap up (March)

So I am the type of person to always carry a book around with them. But usually I only read one or two books a week. I've seen weekly wrap ups on YouTube with people reading 5-8 books a week and I thought I would have a go. I managed to read 8 books this week, here are the books...

Although I wouldn't really count Elmer's Parade as a book; it has about the same amount of words as an average leaflet, I did really enjoy it. It was one out of four books that I bought for World Book Day earlier on this week.
I thoroughly enjoyed the books this week but I thought The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making might have been my favourite. Geek Girl was a close second and it was my signed copy from her book signing!
Cinder was the last book I read in The Lunar Chronicles although it's the first in the trilogy (I goofed up) and I thought it was a great beginning to the series. Definitely check them out!
Now to continue working on the dissertation, 

P.S. I will be posting a TBR (To be read) blog really soon :)

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Cadbury World

We fancied a day out and chocolate, so combining the two together we went to Cadbury World. The boyfriend booked in the morning for later on that day. We didn't get lost travelling there this time, unlike to trip to Diggerland! Walking from the Bournville Station there are purple signs showing you the way to Cadbury World, it was almost like a treasure hunt! We came across the sign (picture one) and took a photo opportunity. As we entered the building we were greeted by three Cadbury characters. We joined the queue to get into the main attraction and a woman gave us two chocolate bars each... yum. Walking through the history of chocolate was quite interesting but I particularly liked the car ride around Cadbury's version of It's a Small World. Our photo didn't come out very well so the man let us go back on the ride to get a photo where we were looking at the camera. After, we got a pot of hot melted chocolate with any toppings that we desired, I got marshmallows :). 
We decided to get some proper food so we got jacket potatoes in the cafe. Then, with bellies full we went to the new 4D show in the outside play area. We had to queue for half an hour but it was fun, the show was basically a chocolate roller-coaster with 3D glasses and moving seats.  

I still have the chocolate to eat!