Tuesday, 14 July 2015

My Hong Kong Adventure week one

We did some much within the two weeks that we went away for so I thought I would break it up into two posts...

Day One
Got Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong airport. I didn't realise how many classes there could be on a airline! I was in economy of course. Twleve-ish hours later and we made it. We had a quick shower and went out for a Chinese ;).

Day Two
We stayed on the Peak so there were quite a few steps down to get to the station. Our first day was spent at Stanley Island, where we saw the Pak Tai temple. We ate a really good salad and sandwich at Stanley's Cave, then browsed the market.
On the way back to the flat we got an ice cream with toppings that was smushed together as if rolling dough... very interesting. After we got a cheeky holiday cocktail from a bar called Lotus in SOHO.

Day Three
We planned to get up early so we could get the escalators down the Peak (they stop going down at 10am and then starting running up). However, we didn't make it in time. We got a ferry to Lama Island where I got sea sick! We walked through the island to the beach, here we swam to the pontoon and I struggled a bit to swim back... The rest of the walk took us an hour to get to the other side of the island. Then we stopped for an Indian meal at the waterfront. After this we went back to the apartment.

Freshened up to go to the Night market where we got some goodies and got a drink at Castro's (I had a Mai Tai).  

Day Four
Today was Big Buddha day which meant getting a train to Tung Chung and then a cable car (fear of heights kicked in!) to the top of the mountain. We went to a traditional tea shop and had a rose black tea and a jasmine flower tea. Our server was being trained so the whole sequence of tea making took a while. After our refreshment we walked up the 200 steps to the Big Buddha and had a nosey around. Downstairs we saw the Po Lin Monastery.

The next part of our day was to catch a coach to Tai O to go see the pink dolphins... however, we didn't manage to see any :'(.

Got back to the apartment to get ready for a night on the town! We had Thai for dinner at Koh Thai, they have a-mazing green curry. Them, we went to a pub called  Stormies in Lang Wai for drinks and jelly shot syringes. We decided to go out clubbing and picked Deja Vu for the music, we danced and made some friends.  

Day Five
After the night before we decided to have a lazier day so we visited the Zoological gardens to see some animals and a hollow water fountain. We then got the MTR to Mong Kok for the Ladies' market where I managed to buy four bags... eeek.
That night we had Mexican food (very multi-cultural food trip) and got some more drinks.

Day Six
Dragons's Back walk in Shek O day. This was a two hour hike over rocks and the trail is meant to resemble a dragon's back in shape and colour. However, it did rain halfway through which was refreshing but made the ground slippery.
After we hydrated on beer (not a good idea) and got Thai food again. We had a quite night in after all the walking.

Day Seven 
We managed to get a lot done on this day... We started at the Nan Lian Gardens and had a wander round. The gardens led to the 'Nunnery' in Chi Lin where the doors have steps to get into a room in order for the devil not to enter as they believe the devil cannot jump.
After we had lunch which was Dim Sum (the guide book said to try it) in a veggie restaurant and we sat inside a water fountain! Then,
we made our way to Wing Tai and visited the Temple which was very pretty, I especially like the little bridge. Got the train to Sha Tin to the 10,000 Buddha's Monastery. Some of the status looked almost comical, with eyebrows down to their feet and one very long arm. There was a lot of steps to do here too and got the Star Ferry, the oldest ferry company in Hong Kong, to Central. We got burgers for dinner at Wagyu (really good food).
P.S. I bought a Moon cake... it was gross.

The Big Buddha... excuse my face.

That is the end of my Hong Kong trip part one, stay tuned for part two!

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