Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Hello all,
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Lately I have been feeling very Autumnal, well it is October! So I thought I would do the Fall (Autumn) time cosy tag. (Disclaimer: I didn't make this tag up it has been used on BookTube.)

Here are the questions...

#1: Crunching Leaves: The world is full of colour. Choose a book that has reds, oranges and yellows on the cover.

On my TBR bookcase I have 5 to 1 by Holly Badger which I'm looking forward to reading. The synopsis is: 'In the year 2054, after decades of gender selection, India has a ratio of five boys to every girl, making women an incredibly valuable commodity.' Also, the book looks like it's been written in verse. It looks very interesting.

#2: Cosy Sweater: It’s finally cold enough to don warm cosy clothing. What book gives you the warm fuzzies?

When I read Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe it didn't take me very long... I love that book and the concept so much. A MUST read.

#3: Fall Storm: The wind is howling and the rain is pounding. Choose your favourite book OR genre that you like to read on a stormy day.

I have really been getting into fantasy at the moment. I keep reading books with magic incorporated in the plot. Currently, I am reading The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, by Holly Black, a book about vampires... perfect for this time of year!

#4: Cool Crisp Air: What’s the coolest character you’d want to trade places with?

I love the protagonist September from The Fairyland series by Catherine M. Valente! Excited for the fourth book which is coming out soon.

#5: Hot Apple Cider: What under hyped book do you want to see become the next biggest, hottest thing?

I think that there is not much hype around Walter Moer's books, especially The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear. That book definitely transported me to a different world!

(bonus questions if you want to do them)
#6: Coat, Scarves and Mittens: The weather has turned cold and it’s time to cover up. What’s the most embarrassing book cover you own that you like to keep hidden in public?

For my dissertation I used an erotic novel based on Sleeping Beauty, The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice. The front cover was of a flower opening up which I thought was pretty embarrassing!

#7: Pumpkin Spice: What’s your favourite fall time comfort food/foods?

I love a Pumpkin Spice hot chocolate... try it, it is seriously amazing!!!

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Much Autumn love,

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