Friday, 23 October 2015

Futurelearn Short Story Writing Course Update


So at the moment I am taking part in a short story writing course at: with the Open University.

I am currently on week two and I think it's really helped me get into writing again! I have a new notepad for writing which I carry with me and I use this to write down anything that gives me inspiration.

Within week one we started with a writing exercise about fact and fiction. We had to write 50-100 words incorporating 1 fact and 3 fictitious elements.  My piece was about a normal day... nothing too exciting.
'We then had to write out a character sketch, mine was this:
He stepped on the first fallen Autumn leaf, then the next. His pointed shoes crunched upon the ground. Then he back stepped as if making a tune with the dead leaves. The right corner of his lip curled. I knew then that we would let along. His steps uncomfortably matched mine. I stopped as if to tie up my laces. He stopped too and stretched. As he stretch his shirt buttons puckered. My heart beat a little faster, then he help my gaze...'

Week two started with writing two scenarios. The first had to be a scenario where we liked writing and the other had to be an uncomfortable scenario, I'll let you guess which one is which:

'You sit, pen tapping in hand. Your thought broken by the chewing next to you. Something, a spark of something, comes to mind. Your pen drags along the page as the train juts to a stop. Too many distractions.'

'It's quite, a little too quite. You turn the radio on a low volume. It's just background noise. It's late and you're looking outside at the moon, hypnotised. Candles are burning. Wrapped in a dressing gown. You're getting ready... set... write!'

After that exercise we had to sketch out our character and work on that... which I'm still working on! Then add a 500 word description abut that character which I also have yet to do.

If you find these updates interesting please let me know and I'll do more...
Happy writing!

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