Sunday, 18 October 2015

A little chat about readathons and an update

This month is going really well reading wise... I have a pile to share with you all at the end of the month. As usual I got sidetracked from my TBR but I only have two and a bit books to read from the list.

On to the second topic, readathons. I have participated in a few of these over the last year or two and have found some tips that I usually stick with:

1) Have a mixture of literature: short stories, poetry, novels and I love a good graphic novel or two

2) Snacks are very important during a readathon, crisps are good but I usually go for something a little healthier like grapes.

3) Make yourself goals within the readathon, for example, within the next hour I will finish the next five chapters. Goals give you something to work towards.

4) Get up occasionally and have a stretch... you'll thank me after!

5) If the readathon has challenges join in; it makes the readathon a lot livelier and you feel like you're part a something bigger... not just sitting alone and reading.

Check back soon for my 'what I read in October mini reviews'...

Much love,

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