Thursday, 15 January 2015

Nostalgia in the orthodontist

So there I was today in the orthodontist waiting to be seen to be told that I might need braces again, after having them for five years, but that's another story. As I waited hoping that the ticket on my car wouldn't run out before I was seen to, many teenagers appeared to make follow up appointments. A group of siblings wearing school uniform from my old high school appeared. I sat there thinking that was FIVE years ago now... where have the years gone? It doesn't seem possible, during the time I started my orthodontist work I have: completed my GCSE's, left school, started college, finished college, learnt to drive, moved to university and now in my final term of university. And this place has been here all that time and stayed the same. This made me think how our parents must feel watching their children grow from babies to young adults and how the time must fly. I then thought, how do our grandparents feel? Life must feel like a blink of an eye...

Nostalgia means sentimentally to the past, usually with happy personal associations but was my school years the happiest? No. There are soo many aspects I would change now if I could go back. Stand up to the bullies, work harder and respect myself more. I would never want to go back to school, I like there person I'm growing into and feel that the school 'past' self was just a phase in my life better left.

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