Friday, 30 January 2015

Edinburgh with my Grandmother

'Hopped on' the Easy jet Airbus to Edinburgh and then took a bus to Georges Street. We walked along Princes Street, parallel to Georges Street,  to the shops and had a mooch around. Then got some lunch. Plodded to our hotel to drop off our bags before visiting the main attraction, Edinburgh Castle. Unluckily on the way to the castle we found ourselves walking up The Mound which is a very steep hill. We didn't realise that there was an easier route to get the our destination. Once inside the castle walls we roamed around looked at the exhibits they had to offer, like the famous Crown Jewels.
Just around the corner from the castle situated the The Hub, a cafe for the Fringe Festival, here we had some tea to replenish ourselves. On this old, cobbled street there was a building for the Camera Obscura which contained floors of illusions and even their own vortex tunnel! We strolled around the Lawn Market and found the Whiski Rooms where I had a scrumptious cocktail and Scottish lamb for dinner. 

Overweight holiday makers grabbing trays off the side and practically running to gobble the last cold sausage... this was our complimentary breakfast. Children screeching for attention and 'clubbers' recovering from their nights out were dozing on the tables. And of course it was raining outside so we did what any British person would and took a nap. After the worst weather was over, we ventured to the North Bridge to the Writer's Museum and had a gander. We ingested some of the Scottish literary greats life stories and I bought a book of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (still yet to read it). Next stop was the National Edinburgh Museum, this is where Dolly the sheep stuffed carcass lives. The whole place was a taxidermist's dream. Stopped again for some tea (old people like tea) at The Elephant House. Also known as the Birthplace of Harry Potter as J.K.Rowling sat and wrote in this cafe. I kept thinking about things to write about to also become a best seller... nothing came to mind. So we continued with our journey to The Real Mary King's Close to have an underground tour of the city and what it would have been like living there. One road was comically named 'Shit Street' as the inhabitants threw their waste down to the canal. After this strange experience with our non- enthusiastic tour guide we fancied a drink. A stiff drink. The World Famous Frankenstein seemed a better place than any for one so I had another cocktail, the 'Dr Frankenstein', a concoction of colours: black, green and blue. Dinner was at The Playhouse as we wanted to visit but there was nothing on that we fancied seeing. 

On our last day there, of course, we had rain. We went to a converted bank to fancy restaurant, The Dome.  Rich in heritage and the food wasn't all that bad either. This time I had a virgin cocktail to pace myself as after we went to a bar, The Newsroom.  I had to take a copy of their drinks menu as it was printed in a style of a broadsheet newspaper. Love it. 

My Grandmother has still got it!

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