Monday, 12 January 2015

A few of my favourite books made into movies

In no particular order.....

  • Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? By Philip K. Dick  (Movie named Blade Runner)

I brilliant sci-fi book, the plot depicts a bounty hunter (in the movie he's played by Harrison Ford) who is on a mission to retire escaped androids. But the plot gets complicated when he ends up falling for one and the lines of humanity get blurred.

  • The Hobbit By J. R. R Tolkien 

People are going to hate me for this but I actually preferred the movie to the book. Martin Freeman just makes the character Bilbo Baggins for me, he's better than anything I would have imagined.

  • The Fault In Our Stars By John Green 

John Green, the best writer for when you want to shed a tear... or several. The book was better than the movie but I thought the movie was shown so tastefully and also pulled at several heart strings. Both make you feel like you are the protagonist Hazel Grace. NOTE: Paper Towns is being made into a movie, this year, staring Cara Delevingne!!!

  • The Time Traveller's Wife By Audrey Niffenegger

One of my favourite books of all time, please read it! If you haven't watched the movie then READ it first, the movie (I feel) doesn't do its justice. Although the casting was good.

  • Memoirs of a Geisha By Arthur Golden 

Another favourite book of all time. Both book and movie was amazing, I remember the movie more though...

  • Harry Potter Series By J. K. Rowling 

We've all read them... Well I did last Summer (a bit late on the bandwagon). I have the special, colourful collection which was just a joy to read. I loved how the books looked and felt (nerding out sorry), I couldn't wait to pick up the next one in the series.

  • Interview with a Vampire By Anne Rice  

Lastly, one of the best vampire/gothic I've read. The movie was done so well and really allowed the viewing to get to know the main characters (played by Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise of course).

Generally, the book is better to read first so your imagination can come up with its own character description and then watch the movies :)

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