Monday, 19 January 2015

Cardiff: Probably the best city in the world.

The slogan: 'Probably the best city in the world' was taken from a jumper I purchased in a souvenir shop. It was meant to be a pun on Calsberg beer...  well I thought it was funny.

We stayed at a quaint b&b next to the river for a few nights. However, the journey getting there was full of detours. Detours to the train station and detours to the b&b which involved climbing over a wall. Our first stop was the 1# Coffee Shop, their coffees drunken by many famous people so of course we had to try one. After that we waited patiently for a water taxi. We didn't have to pay as all the seats were taken so we stood and took in the amazing view. We arrived at Mermaid Quay and ran to The Bay in order to get into the last time slot for The Doctor Who experience. We got there just in time for the experience which consisted of being part of the television show and walking through the tardis. We passed the dreaded weeping angels, they scared me enough to latch onto my friends arm. The second part to the tour was more of a museum with different tardis' inners from the different Doctors.

Wicked was playing at the theatre and to my amazement there were available seats for that day, well I say seats when actually it was 'standing' tickets as we had a leaning post. Although by the end of the show our feet were hurting it was definitely worth it. The set was amazing and the music fantastic, I was singing it for weeks afterwards.

The b&b provided us with a full English that was mouth watering and when we were fed we left for Cardiff castle. We did have our bags with us so it was quite the struggle but we made it work. At the castle we watched a movie about the building of it which was obviously aimed at the more younger audiences. The rest of the castle was nice to look at but very windy!

Next, we shopped at the high street util my companion couldn't so we went back to the 1# Coffee shop and waiting for our train home.

About a few days away,

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