Monday, 12 January 2015

A rant about a phone...

I have a mobile phone with certain company... apparently the phone is a good one- Sony Xperia SP. It has all the lasted gadgets and gizmos but unfortunately it didn't work. It kept turning itself off and freezing so today I decided I had enough and to take the hindrance back. The lady was quite helpful and did a factory reset. However, she managed not to save my phone numbers and I was left with some unknown random numbers saved to sim. She then decided that in fact the phone really didn't work (what I've been telling her all along) and that it needs to be sent off to be repaired. 

I spoke to a man on the phone and he kept reminding me to get a receipt to prove that you've sent the phone off....

It's only just occurred to me that I haven't got an address to send it to and if I send it off will I have to pay? It's not my fault I was given a faulty phone. 

So now I am stuck with a £30 Nokia, which actually is better than a non working Xperia and the same price as a month on contract. 

Hating technology right now...

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