Thursday, 3 December 2015

My signed books :)

I thought I would share with you all the books I own which are signed :). There's nothing more that I love then a personalised note and especially in a book!

Firstly, I'll start with books that were signed for me but not the the author. In my drama years I won a poetry book: Family Phantoms by Gervase Phinn. All the poems are based on Halloween... My favourite festival! The book is signed by my old drama teachers.

Then, I received The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald which was a birthday present with a note written in the front cover from one of my friends.

Now! These are books I own that are signed by the authors. Snortyblog Comes To Earth by Marion Hough- I met the author at a book signing when I was very little. This book has a list of made up words which are used in the plot, I loved the idea of an alien language.

I own signed copies of three of George Layton's book, the first one being The Fib, that my grandmother got me.

In my adult life I stumbled across a Geek Girl signing in Birmingham and bought one of her books. I loved it by the way!

I went to a book club party in London and revived a couple of books there. The first one being Nearly Almost Somebody by Caroline Batten which I really need to read soon! (Stay tuned for a book review). Caroline was so lovely to talk to! I also received an audio book by Natalie K Martin called Love You Better. I plan on listening to this on my next long car journey.

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