Thursday, 3 December 2015


This will be the third #CRAMATHON I will be taking part in. It starts on December 19th (12 AM)-December 22nd (12 AM)... However, I will be travelling back from holiday on the 21st so this could be interesting. I am going to be marathoning on the plane I think!

The challenges are as follows:

1. Read an audiobook or ebook

I have just got a Kindle Fire so I might listen to an audio book on that. I was thinking about listening to Wuthering Heights but I haven't decided on this one yet.

2. Read a bind up

For a more Christmassy read I decided on My True Love Gave To Me by various writes so it's a bind up in that sense?

3. Finish a series/read the last book of a series

I decided to add Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb, this is the first book in the series but it's the last book that I really wanted to read but didn't get to on my November TBR...

4. Read a book under 200 pages

Matilda is just over 200 pages but it's one of the shorter books I own. It will also help with reading all of Roald Dahl's books!

5. Finish a book you DNF’ed

I started to read Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gray, a collection of essays, by reading an essay per night. However, I stopped reading this so I want to pick it up again.

6. Read a graphic novel series (or as many graphic novels as you can)

Super Mutant Magic Academy has been on my bookcase for a while now and I really want to read it. I might try and read more graphic novels but I think I already have too many books to read in a couple of days!

7. Read 5 books total


And the official @cramathon twitter is if you want to tweet your TBR or just keep up with marathon. 

Lots of Christmassy vibes,

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  1. Wow you are planning to read a lot! I wont be going towards all of the challenges (I am not that talented) Best of luck!