Sunday, 26 April 2015

I fell asleep!!!! HOUR 15, 16, 18, 20 mini challenges TAG

I'm sorry okay.... I crashed at 2:30am, bad right? Well here's the mini challenges I missed whilst dozing. Sorry I mashed them all together to get it done, woops!

HOUR 15- Music is Muse
Why does it remind you of a character?
Muse- Butterflies and Hurricanes reminds me of Lolita in Lolita.

Does it symbolise something in the book?
I think it represents the confusion and I was listening to Muse's album when I read it.

Are your emotions reflected in the music?
Confusion, pain, not knowing one's self?

HOUR 16- Reading Story
1. Story must be six words exactly. - Two fairytale characters meet, creates magic!!!

HOUR 18- Best of my Reading Year
Best YA Book of Your Reading Year
Geek Girl (and the author is lovely too!)

Best Sci-Fi/ Fantasy Book of Your Reading Year
All of The Lunar Chronicles

Best Children’s Book of Your Reading Year
The Magic Faraway Tree Collection

HOUR 20- Draw it Out 
So what's your current book about? No, don't tell me in words, I want to see a picture! Please draw a scene from your current read (or any one you're read during the readathon)

Good luck working out the book! I'll give you a clue, it's a series...

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