Saturday, 25 April 2015

HOUR 9- 24 Read-a-Thon Reading Challenge: On Food and Books TAG

So for this challenge I need to: 'Make a post where you will share your best "book-inspired" recipe and explain its origin, inspiration, etc. Be as original as you want; as whimsical as you feel.'

I am going to use Bridget Jones' Diary and I have is very simple five step recipe (which I think if you've seen the film/ read the book it's self-explanatory)...

x5 leaks
x8 potatoes
blue string

Step one wrap your leak together with the blue string.

Step two boil a large pan of water.

Step three place leak with blue string into boiling water.

Step four mash potatoes and then add them to the water.

Step five add salt and pepper.

And voila you have blue soup!!!

This is why I do not cook,

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