Sunday, 8 March 2015

Geek Girl signing

We came across a book signing for Holly Smale's Geek Girl at the Birmingham Watersones. I joined the queue as I have wanted to read this book and I thought a signed copy would be even better to own. In the queue there were several book bloggers that I had the pleasure to meet, we chatted for the hour duration that it took to reach the front of the queue. Meeting Holly was great, she comes across as such a lovely and genuine person. We each got given the geek style red glasses for being the last in the queue but I already have my prescription 'geek' glasses so I'm using mine as an ornament.  

I read the book later on that week and I couldn't put the book down. The plot was captivating, I wanted to know what happened to Harriet. I could really empathise with the protagonist as I acted very similarly to her when I was younger (and probably still now!) I would definitely read more of Holly's books and I've got the World Book Day book of hers to read next. 

From a real life Geek Girl

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