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Red Queen by Christina Henry review *Spoiler Free*

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Today I will be reviewing Red Queen by Christina Henry which Titan Books very kindly sent to me in exchange for an honest review. I gave this book 4 stars on Goodreads.

Firstly, I thought it was very different from Alice (the first instalment in The Chronicles of Alice). The plot basis is that Hatcher is trying to find his long lost daughter. Although, the book doesn't feel like a continuation but more of Alice building as a character. We get more information about the characters Alice and Hatcher's relationship, with more romance involved. However, Hatcher disappears half way through the book so the focus is definitely more on Alice. The book allows the reader to learn more about and her background Alice, especially her being a 'Magician'. Alice learns how to depend on herself and is shown to be the 'brains' to Hatcher's 'brawn's'.
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Whilst reading the book I sometimes was confused between the Red Queen and the White Queen. I thought the Red Queen would have more involvement and she didn't seen like a very significant character. Sorry!

Christina's character description was wonderful as usual and I particularly liked the goblin character, 'as if the whole skull had been pressed between two blocks and then a child had pulled the nose out long and chin down to chest'...'composed of patches sewn together, and Alice thought some of the patches looked like human skin.' (Page 70). The fingers Creeped. Me. Out! Similarly, the trolls were interesting characters too with the focus on their story within the plot. Cheshire is also in this book- guiding Alice on her journey. I quite liked that he broke up the story with quirks and advice.

The ending was very good and Christina left the story open for another instalment so I don't know how many there will be. However, I will be reading the next book!

'Off with their heads!'

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