Saturday, 16 April 2016

Another readathon you say? Authorathon TBR

I'm ambitiously starting this readathon with five books and one comic... Help!

My TBR case is too big! So I'll be doing more readathons to get through it. 

The questions for this readathons are:

A book by your favourite author 

-I've been loving The White Rabbit Chronicles so I thought I would continue with A Mad Zombie Party

A new to you author

-I picked Roses by a YouTuber I watch :)

Give an author another chance 

-Shades of Grey, I have started that book twice now... Maybe third time lucky?

A debut author 

-An Ember of Ashes (I want to see what a the hype was about ;) )

A book written by more than one author 

-Is it cheating to use a comic? I'm reading Saga #32 for this by two people.

An author from a different continent 

-I thought the story book I bought in Venice would be perfect for this one :)



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