Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Update and The Infernal Devices series

Recently I've been in this I'll bubble where I can't stop catching bugs... Note to self need some more vitamin tablets!

Yesterday I spent the day in bed reading (which would have been nice except I felt like death with tissues suck up my nostrils). I finished book two of The Infernal Devices series: Clockwork Prince and wow. That stuff is addictive! I am currently on Clockwork Princess and can safely say that I understand the hype around Cassandra Clare. 

A week later and I have now finished the whole series. I gotta say I loved it! The characters work so well together and the plot turned a way I didn't guess (which is refreshing).
I am currently watching Shadowhunters and excited about the next episode tomorrow! Not sure if I'll be reading the books anytime soon...

Let me know if you're reading any if the series and what you think.
Sofiee :)

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