Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire Fuller: A Quick Review

This book left me with soo many unanswered questions... but I have to say that I absolutely LOVED it!

Firstly, who is Reuben? Please discuss!

The synopsis is based on an eight year old girl, Peggy and her survivalist father James. James' wife has an affair with his friend so he decides to take Peggy to Germany (where his wife is from) to become 'proper' survivalists together. They live in a bunker in the forest and live off the land. James tells Peggy that everyone in the world is dead except from them. However, every other chapter in the book is based years later in London with Peggy, her mother and brother.

The plot flowed really well and was captivating throughout. I loved the two intertwined plots and the language was always 'on point'. *Spoiler* I want a sequel to find how Peggy as re-adapted to London and how she copes being a mother to what must be her father's child. Now that is some Freudian mess!

This is a perfect read for international women's day as Peggy is a brilliant example of a strong female protagonist.

Five stars and would highly recommend :)

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