Sunday, 31 January 2016

My start to 2016 as a university graduate.

I'm sorry but this rant was inevitable (angry full stop).

Oh hi Sofie, you've just graduated right? What are you doing now?


The dreaded question. My answer is always, 'I'm taking a year out and working. Then, I want to study a Master degree.' Is that the RIGHT answer? I always tell myself that it doesn't matter people judge you anyway.

The main idea behind this blog post was to discuss how hard it is for graduates to get into their desired career. I myself would like to work in the publishing industry so I've been applying for jobs at different companies. Their standard reply is always-You need work experience first. So I applied for work experience and then I still don't get anywhere *sigh*. My next step was to attend a Master degree in publishing but there aren't any universities that run that course near me. Then, there's getting the funding or how the hell am I supposed to live?!? So what's a girl to do?

Right now I have tabs up of different Publishing MAs and I'm still unsure what to do. Maybe rethink my career choice or hide my head in the sand and hope things turn out for the best?

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