Monday, 17 August 2015

Alice Underground experience

Firstly, on our Alice in Wonderland themed day we went to the British Library. I bought the 150th anniversary book of Alice in Wonderland which was designed my Vivienne Westwood. I also bought a little book on the history of the story.

We got the Waterloo and eventually found the place where we needed to be. We all had to dress in either red or black so Joe had to buy a t shirt earlier that day saying 'Normal people scare me' (I thought it was fitting).
Our group walked in a large room covered in pages from books on the walls and a few mirrors where Alice's image spoke to us. The wall opened up and the White Rabbit came out and told us the follow him. We came to two doors, one larger and one smaller, we had to pick whether we were going to 'eat me' or 'drink me'. Joe and I decided to drink me and 'grew smaller'. After this we went into a dark room and the Cheshire Cat came out with three actors 'operating' the body and separately it mechanical head. This was very amusing but a little bit freaky. We got given identification cards to get into Wonderland. I received a spade and Joe a club so we had to split up into different groups.

In the group I was in we saw:

-The kitchen and met the couple's pig baby
-Met the card that was painting the roses red
-Met the caterpillar after walking through and up a tunnel of toadstool lights (favourite bit!)
-Saw a lizard dressed man who had the funniest accent, he told us what we were doing in Wonderland

After all this we met back up with the group and had an interval with cocktails at the Mad Hatter's tea party. The Hatter was played brilliantly by a woman too which I thought was an interesting take on the character.

Then, we sat in the court with our cards and saw the ending to the play... I won't ruin that for you all!

I bought the script book as I wanted to know what the 'eat me' group saw. I might have to go back and do that instead next time!

I would definitely recommend going, especially if you're mad!

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