Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Sorry but I do not like Lord of the Rings...

The first LOTR book is at home, sorry
Okay so let me explain before you all hate me. I had to read The Hobbit and watch at least one Lord of the Rings movies for university. The Hobbit I didn't mind so much, having seen the first and second movies before so I knew the storyline roughly. But why did the eagles always save them?
However (!)
LOTR movies was okay to watch but I do not like the books, sorry all those hardcore LOTR's fans. I wanted to like it, really I did! The started the first book thinking... usually the books are better than the movies so I might enjoy it. I did finish it but I really couldn't tell you all of the story plots. I am now forcing myself to read the second book, reading one chapter a day in order to digest it properly.

Wish me luck...

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