Friday, 20 February 2015

His Dark Materials

Sorry for the lack of blogs, I've been extremely busy with university work!

One of the books I had to read on my course was The Northern Lights by Philip Pullman. Classified as YA books, these books actually have some adult and dark undertones. The series are based on Paradise Lost by John Milton and when reading them you can see why. Pullman discusses religion intertwined with the fantasy plot and brings up some interesting points An example would be daemons and what are they? Are they souls? And how the government is run by the church.

I loved the last book in the trilogy, The Amber Spyglass. I thought Will's story worked really well with Lyra's and *spoiler* I was smiling at the romance towards the end of the book.

Generally, I thought these books were easy to read and very entertaining. They are well written and the plot makes you want to keep reading. (I read the second book in the trilogy within three days!)

I would definitely recommend you read them! And I'm going to pick up some more books by Pullman :)

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